Thursday, October 6, 2011

Born Twice

An experimental – and controversial – procedure for treating a crippling birth defect called spina bifida in the womb offered Trish and Mike Switzer the only chance that their daughter would walk like other children. But the fetal surgery posed a fatal dilemma: Their baby could die before she was born. However despite the odds the parents agreed to have the surgery.

This shot was taken by photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg for LIFE magazine. During the, July 1, 1999, operation he captured the moment as Dr. Bruner gently placed Sarah Marie's hand back into the uterus.
Her parents would agree when on August 22, 1999 almost two months after having the surgery Sarah Marie Switzer was born. Born nine weeks premature, doctors were amazed at the health of the baby and allowed Sarah Marie to go home with her parents in early Sept. Sarah Marie showed none of the signs of extreme spina bifida and even kicked her legs as an infant rare in most spina bifida patients.

That is the most beautiful picture i've ever seen . If your a huge House fan like me , you would have seen this scene in one of the episodes in Season 3 . However unlike the TV drama the hand of the featus did not dramatically reach out and clutch the doctors hand , the photographer who took this shot was also trying to spin the same story to everyone , however what the doctor in the picture was doing, was placing back Sarah's the hand into the uterus .

Regardless it is still a beautiful picture that really portrays the gift of life.

Those are few of the World's Most Famous Pictures and the story behind each picture that i gathered from the Internet . Some of them may have been inspiring , touching and even disturbing . The fact of the matter is that these pictures represent real events , and through one picture the photographer manages to evoke mixed reactions among the people .

To me every picture has a story to tell, its just up to you how you read it .

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
- Dorthea Lange (Famous American photojournalist)

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