Thursday, October 6, 2011

The last Jew in Vinnitsa

One of the iconic images of the 20th century let alone the war or the Holocaust. Found in a German's photograph album with the words. 'The last jew in Vinnitsa' written on the back.

There were two mass shootings in Vinnitsa, on the 16th September, and the other on 22nd September. A subsequent massacre of Jews appears to have been of Jews brought in from outside the district. This is the evidence for the date of this photograph. There was one eye witness to the procedure involved.

Wehrmacht officer Lieutenant Erwin Bingel had been ordered to assist the Commandant of Uman district with men to guard the railway lines and around the airport. He was aware that ditches had been dug on the perimeter of the airfield and a number of specialist SS men had arrived by transport plane.

The Jews of the area had been ordered to gather for a ‘census’.


  1. How can we find out who that man was- his name- any details ?

  2. I would like to know as well ...

  3. What bugs me is the dress uniforms/field uniforms/panzer uniforms/SS uniforms/army uniforms. The soldiers in the background seem not to be from a coherent unit. One even has striped shoulders similar to a band, or well dressed orderly.